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Do Schools Teach Students About Photo Usage and Copyright Infringement?

I know I've discussed the issue of copyright infringement and stolen photos before, but last week I had a few other instances occur so I thought this would be a good time to discuss it again. Here's what happened last week:

I did an online search for my most-often-stolen photo (not the one pictured here) and sure enough: three more instances of the same photo pilfered without my permission. One website was a high school blog. Another site was a college website (their student online newspaper, actually) and the third was a news/entertainment-type site.

I sent all three infringers my standard DMCA takedown request letter via email. In the email I explained that I am the copyright owner on the photo, they are committing copyright infringement by using the photo without my written permission and provided links to the photo on my website. Before taking further action, I requested that they either remove the photo immediately or send payment - a very reasonable fee for one-time dig…